The Jewish Outreach and Education Project
The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles supported a pilot project that brought our films and customized study guide into Jewish day schools, religious schools, summer camps and other organizations that provide programming for Jewish youth. We oriented teachers, administrators and other educators on the latest issues facing transgender and gender expansive youth, and trained them on how to use our resources in the classroom to create inclusive communities, all seen through the lens of Jewish values and teachings.
Outreach & Education
We provided presentations for Jewish educators and youth by Patrick Rock, an educator with over a decade of experience working on transgender youth awareness and advocacy efforts since coming out as transgender at his own Jewish Day School, Barrack Hebrew Academy. Patrick led workshops with administrators, teachers and youth to develop gender-inclusive practices within Jewish educational spaces. These workshops were centered on our films and are shaped to meet the needs of each individual educational community.
“At the Youth & Gender Media Project’s presentation at our school, Patrick showed video clips that deeply engaged our middle school students. They were inspired to delve into issues of respect, inclusion and empathy. With the success of YGMP’s presentation, we are aware that it is critical to have this conversation in elementary school as well and will continue to partner with the Youth & Gender Media Project to make this happen. It is truly a gift to have this type of resource in our Jewish Day Schools.”
—Shira Landau, MSW, Middle School Counselor, Pressman Academy
“Patrick teaches with a gentle and scaffolding method that takes the students through a reflective and open discussion of gender journeys, inviting empathy and perspective. He is very knowledgeable, articulate and relates to teens very easily as he helps them access the ally within and how they can make a difference in someone else’s life in the same way they would want to be treated.”
—Inez Tiger, Middle School Principal, Pressman Academy
“While I have thought of myself as knowledgeable and sensitive to the diversity of people, especially students, I found myself challenged and moved forward by the Youth and Gender Media Project’s presentation. The featured video showed the complexity and frailty of people just wanting to be seen for who they are as well as the strengths and weaknesses of those with the opportunity to be supportive or dismissive. YGMP’s Director of Jewish Education Patrick Rock’s own story, told with such honesty and subtle strength, was the most impactful as it helped me understand the journey to equality as well as many ways it can be accomplished.”
—Gregory Keer, Dean, 12th Grade, deToledo High School
Here is a list of our partners in the Jewish community who worked with us to foster inclusion for trans and gender expansive Jewish youth:
Transgender-Inclusive Community Webinar Series
In partnership with the URJ, the Religious Action Center and Keshet, the Youth & Gender Media Project’s Jewish education initiative co-facilitated a first ever Transgender-Inclusive Community Webinar Series for the Jewish community. You can watch the first webinar below.