Our collection of short films

Our films introduce new concepts to audiences: the idea that a young child really can be transgender; that they have the strength to be who they truly are regardless of the pressure put on them to conform; coming to terms with the new and still very rare use of hormone blockers to delay puberty. By telling these stories from the perspective of universal themes like family acceptance, coming of age, being true to one’s self, the power of community, and the importance of tolerance and love, they remain accessible and deeply moving to people who might be resistant to the idea of transgender youth.

I’m Just Anneke (2010, 11 min)

Anneke is 12. Everybody who meets her assumes she's a boy. She's not sure if she wants to be a girl, a boy, or something in-between when she grows up, so her doctor has put her on a hormone suppressant to give her more time to decide.

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The Family Journey (2010, 14 min)

What do you do when your child tells you they're questioning their gender? The Family Journey: Raising Gender Nonconforming Children follows the journey of parents and siblings of kids who are questioning whether they're a boy, girl, or something in between.

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Jaden Smith

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools (2016, 21 min)

What happens when you bring gender training to an elementary school? In Creating Gender Inclusive Schools the Peralta Elementary School in Oakland, CA demonstrates the power of an open and honest conversation about gender.

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Becoming Johanna (PBS • 2021, 27 min)

How does it feel when your mom prays for you to be someone else? That's the struggle this 16-year-old transgender Latina faces. While she was born a boy, Johanna is a young woman and only living a lie could change that.

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